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KDY is synonymous with high quality and great value razor wire products. We strive to provide customers with a variety of razor wire products for security fencing, bird control and other applications, ensure those products are of market leading quality, offered at guaranteed low prices, delivered in export standard packing for easy installation.

From this site, we are providing technical and general information about our featured products: from twisted barbed wire to blade type razor wire. Our razor wire products can meet the challenge of safety and security in civil, industrial and military uses. KDY razor wire can cause serious injury to any person who attempts to get through it, making it a very effective security solutions for our customers. Razor type barbed wire plays a safe deterrent effect and makes the ultimate solution to serve the growing needs of peripheral security fencing. Blade types we supply for razor wire can be different in length. We also have barbed wire machines and razor wire machines specially designed for manufacturing, which you can also get detailed information from this site.

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The main characteristics of concertina razor wire
for the barricades

Varieties of Razor Wire & Concertina
A wide range of application of our products
How to install razor wire quickly and effectively
Barbed wires specification, trailer measurement and the wires specification for Mobile Security Barriers
Quality assurance:
KDY factory, is committed to providing quality products, fast delivery at reasonable prices
Welded razor mesh
Razor grid is a multi-function, high security designed to mesh fence is a straight-blade of a gill nets from welding......
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razor strip

The Combination of Weld Mesh with a highly Effective Anti-Intrusion Topping....

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razor wire fencing

Razor barbed wire fencing and razor wire concertina makes the majority of our products. Razor barbed wire fencing....

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Concertina razor coil

KDY can produce razor type barbed wire in concertina coils of different blade types and specifications......

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New Product:
Stainless Steel Bird Spike Pigeon Spike High Security Razor Wire Fencing
Thermal Galvanized Barbed Tape Razor Ribbon Stainless Steel Razor Wire, Clipped
Plastic Coated Barbed Wire Barbed wire Machine Galvanized Barbed Wire

Steel Razor Concertina Wire Pressed into Flat SheetRazor Wire Flat Panel:

2015 New Product. Stainless steel razor wire formed into flat fencing panel by using of clips instead of welding. Low cost, easy packing and installation. The flat razor wire can be single coil or crossed type concertina wire.

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Concertina Type Razor Wire FencePVC Coated Razor Wire

A type of Anti-Climb razor fencing. Green and blue coating are popular colors for razor concertina wire surface treatment. The plastic coating adds corrosion resistance to the galvanized steel material. At the same time, the color coating adds better view than the metal fencing. Made by punching of steel sheet, then added with metal wire to form the razor wire fencing.

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