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TITLE: Venezuela Razor Wire

TO: All of our clients
 We produce a new type of razor wire products for our customers, our customers involved in bidding for the Venezuela.

Customer specifications as follows´╝Ü

1. The blade length should be 6 + 0.5 cm.
2. The blade width should be 2.5 + 0.5 cm.
3. Roll diameter 45 cm + 1
4. Each roll must weigh 5 + 0.5 kg.
5. Each roll must be at least 31 laps.
6. Both blade and soul of the razor wire, must be made of stainless steel material according to AISI 430 and ASTM A641 in its last review.
7. Both the soul of the razor wire as the blade must be free of oxidation and free of bends than the factory.
8. Similar or superior to model 20 Concertinas brand kalatoto.
9. Razor wire placement must meet and comply with the following:
a. Settings must be type concertina wire.
b. The maximum distance between turns should be 25 cm

Quantity   10160 M

we have seen other South America companies buy a lot of these razor wire products. If possible, please do not hesitate to contact us, we have experience in the production of such products, can give you the best quote and quality, we have a lot of cooperation factories, to ensure the delivery time.

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